Sunday, April 12, 2009

SP manifesto - retrograde motion

There was this joke - if pro is opposite to con, then is progress opposite to congress? Now with its startling manifesto, Samajwadi Party has rightfully claimed its position in the joke.
Never before have I heard of such a blinkered approach towards elections nor seen a more miscalculated attempt at acquiring the powers of governance. SP has truly redefined the meaning of RETROGRADE. What's more - it is hypocritical to the extreme. Amar Singh (one of the founders of this party) is as capitalistic as you can get anywhere in the world. No wonder then that the whole of today he has been running from pillar to post trying to explain the manifesto with equally meaningless statements. "We are not against English, we will only avoid computers where work can be done manually" etc etc. Pure drivel, nothing else.

May I remind all the ignorant leaders behind this crazy manifesto about some basic facts.

1. Two of the best acheivements of our country have been gaining higher productivity in foodgrain and milk production. In case the leaders dont understand what I mean (because it is higher level English!) I am referring to the green and the white revolution. Both of these would not have happened without the help from advancement in agricultural tools and technology.
2. The cell phones that you carry everywhere, the bullet-proof cars that drive you around, the choppers that take you from one rally to another - are all manufactured thanks to machines that have microprocessors behind them. The spotless white Khadi that you all flaunt (barring Amar Singh of course) - do you know how it gets produced and reaches from farmer to manufacturers to retail stores? Of course, how would you know all this? You are too busy grabbing votes and sqabbling amongst yourselves anyway.
3. How about the very newspaper that carried your common-sense-defying manifesto to my door today morning? It was composed and printed using those very confounded machines - COMPUTERS.
4. As for teaching English in schools, what can I say? You all don't have much right to give an opinion on English. Come on - some of you can't speak good Hindi either!

I can go and on, but that would be wasting my precious time on a mindless election ploy. The irony is - none of the SP leaders would anyway be able to read this post without the help of two things that they are against - English and Computers.
I rest my case.

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