Monday, January 18, 2010

Another classic from streets of Pune

Here's another one in the long and (always growing) list of queer signs in Pune. I saw this outside a shop and as has often been the case, could not resist posting it here.

For the unfortunate souls who do not understand Marathi - I can only make a weak attempt at translation. I say so because the classic Puneri expression of काढून मिळेल (Kadhun milel) has no parallel in English.
Nevertheless, the notice proclaims two services available at the shop. One - you can sell scrap newspaper (colloquially called 'Raddi') and Two - you can get a PAN card here !!!

Wow, now I have to admit that this is entrepreneurship of a different level. No matter how much I racked my brain, I could not see the connection between these two business propositions. So I presume that this guy truly believes in diversified business interests. But being a Puneri, he had no qualms in proclaiming both COMPLETELY unrelated matters in one single desultory flick.
On second thoughts, I see that both these businesses have a common link, in that both have something to do with paper. I now sincerely hope that the two businesses are really distinct !