Monday, April 27, 2009

Suffering from pessimism? Watch IPL.

Have I missed any? Must look up the thesaurus.
I am referring to the TV commentary of IPL matches, which is getting really tiring. The matches are entertaining, as any T20 matches are supposed to be. But the commentators also seemed to have been bitten by the tamasha bug and are going overboard. Anything and everything that they describe about the match is using one or more of the above superlatives.
If a batsman gets out to a stupid shot, it is called clever bowling. If another batsman goofs up and gets his partner run out, it is brilliant fielding. (Watch the pick up and throw.... brilliant!) If a bowler sends a rank dolly deserving to be hit out of the stadium, it is tremendous batting (picked the slower one early..... that one went like a tracer bullet....... That is maximum!)
Take Ravi Shastri for example. Usually in all other matches he alternates between being boring and dreary with his commentary. The height of excitement that he can muster is "Edged.....and taken!!!" (said with a special throaty voice.) But not so in IPL matches where he also revels with superlatives and excessive praiso-mania.
Maybe they should get the cheerleaders to do the commentary - at least it will be more entertaining. Else, they can sack all the commentators and show the cricket and the dances alternately. Won't make an iota of difference the the advertising revenue. It will actually save a lot of money for Lalit Modi who can then plan on having the next IPL in the Bahamas, then the next in Mauritius, and so on.

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