Saturday, April 10, 2010

The laws of cooking

  • First law - The first one always sticks to the pan. Don't get depressed.
  • Second law - Hunger levels of the cook and consistency of dosa diameter are inversely proportional.
  • Third law - If you are really hungry, dosas of any shape taste equally nice.


umashankar said...

Your experience sounds eerily similar, mine was restricted to chapaatis. Fed up with eating the rice bowl day after day I decided to bake a chapaati or two and ended up with maps of the Indian subcontinent complete with craters and ravines.

O, they tasted fine! Only I wasn't too hungry by the time I was done with it.

Manjunath said...

It looks like australian map for sure ;)

Vibhuti B said...

Yeeeheeehee..Thats a true to life post there. What profound pointers..I don't think even the greatest chef can refute those..I've seen many like that on ur pan, in my own kitchen!! :D
LOL...Enjoyed it..

Pushkaraj said...

@ Umashankar - You are a brave cook. Chapattis are far more complicated than dosa, especially now that you can get ready-made batter!
@ Manjunath - Maybe its my unconscious, trying to protest against racial attacks in Australia!
@ Vibhuti B - Everybody seems to have made maps like me. So WHO makes round dosas?

Chhaya said...

I totally agree with u on the 3rd point. I can neverrrr make a proper shaped Dosa!!! but i love them anyways :D

Pushkaraj said...

@ Chhaya - So you too. Looks like cookery and geography classes can be combined in schools!