Wednesday, April 14, 2010

42 years ago....

I have very little answers to the question - why am I posting this picture now? Actually, I have none.
That doesn't stop me anyway, does it? So here it is - a 42 year old picture. From a bygone era that will never return?

Do I want it to return? Keeping all notions of nostalgic diarrhoea aside, I actually don't want that time to return. I think I have a good life just now....
But look at the innocence on the faces, (including mine!) How much has changed in 42 years :-)

And THAT is something that I would love to relive in today's times. The child-like innocence and curiosity.
Otherwise, life is getting rather predictable now....
P.S. - JUST in case there is a reader who is wondering whether s/he might be there in the picture, this was the Jodhpur Mess Modern School. At the end of Pandara Road in New Delhi.
And here is the announcement of a worthless contest. Based on my current profile picture, try to identify me in this.
Actually, don't even try. You wont be able to spot it.


Anonymous said...
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Vasu said...

Dear Pushkaraj,
Came here from Indiblogger and realy loved many of your posts.

This B&W photo must have brought so many pleaseant memories for you. I too have such a photo from school and am so thankful it is also B&W :) When I meet friends from schhol its always fun to identify people and look at how much they have changed!

Good post!


Pushkaraj said...

@ Vasu - Am glad the photo kindled nice memories for you. B&W photographs are always special!