Friday, June 12, 2009

Stop! Who goes there?

I am back after a little break. My landlord sprung a surprise on me by saying he wanted the house vacated in a week. A hectic search followed, then some hurried packing, shifting, setting up the new place, and am now back in business!
Funny road signs seem to have become a summer theme for my blog - or maybe I just have a penchant for noticing such things on the road. So, here's a sign and I challenge all of you reading this - show me this sign anywhere else in any country on the face of this earth! This is only possible in Pune.
I am sure we have all heard of this phrase 'point of no return', but here's a place from where only a return is possible! There's no going ahead anywhere, buddy!

OK, wait - that's not all. The brilliant irony is that this road sign is at the end of a one-way road! So no vehicle is ever going to come from this side and see this board! That is, if everyone follows rules on that road, but that's a different matter.


jyotika said...

:) ha ha ha funny roads

sree said...

Good to read your articles. Always entertaining. Wish we could meet though. Been a long time since we met.

Pl check this out as well.

Pushkaraj said...

@Sree - Thanks pal. I would certainly like to meet you, now that you tell me you find my articles interesting. But - I have still not figured out who you are. I did see your blog too, didn't get any clues there either. I know five people who have the nickname Sree. So I am a bit puzzled...