Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blogcamp Pune - Egalitarianism rules!

I went to attend the Blogcamp in Pune today and it was well worth it. Having just found my voice in the blogging world for just over an year, I have had the 'beginning woes' of a blogger. Why is nobody writing any comment? Does this colour scheme look good - noooo, hers is better! What is this Adsense all about? Do I actually earn money if someone simply clicks on an ad? And hey! Why does THIS ad appear on my blog? I haven't written anything good about that bank on my blog, have I? Now, what exactly does this fellow mean by Digg This and Tweet that? And so on...

Abhishek has everyone in splits over his experiences of blogging...

I initially thought I was in the wrong place because everyone was talking about Open Source, MySQL, 2.0, and other such terms that are as good as Greek and Latin for me. And then there were only 4-5 people of my age - rest all were in their 20s, and all of them seemed absolutely sure of what they were doing with their blogs. But slowly enough, I found things taking shape, so much so that I actually could ask some questions at the end of the last session!

It was organised as an 'unconference' so the air of informality made it enjoyable. There was no hushed silences, dark conference hall, accolades being showered on the Chief Guest, Keynote address (while you are waiting for the 1st tea break) and other such things that you would associate with a techno-gathering.
What I love about the world of blogging is the principle of Equal Opportunity. A newcomer need not be 'blogged down' (pun intended) with stalwarts already occupying all plum positions. If you have a voice, and are sure about having it, go ahead and blog - its that simple. Yes, there are netiquettes to be followed and thing to be done and not done, but you will learn. As I am...

A fittingly informal finale at the nearby chai shop

Thanks to Tarun Chandel and the whole team who put this blogcamp together. I think I will have learnt enough to be able to even speak on some topic in the next blogcamp!


Vinay said...

hey, when did this camp take place? Can you ask the organisers to put a notice on Indiblogger, the next time they organise such a camp?

Hope you enjoyed there!

Julia Scissor said...

Great to know you made it to the event. I so badly wanted to attend it but had to ditch the plan the day before. I hope they hold another one in Mumbai.

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