Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Customer orientation

Organizations across the world have been trying to out-think and out-do each other in being customer-oriented. Each of them have their own buzzwords ('customer delight' - is one example).

Here's one organization that beats them all. I have blurred few details from this picture - some because they contained names and phone numbers (and I didn't want my blog to advertise their services) and others simply because they were too graphic!
Anyway, here's what the poster conveys.
1. Just in case the potential customer has any doubt whether this service is for him or not, there are two rather revealing pictures of 'before' and 'after' states.

2. There is of course all the required information about phone no, address etc.
3.And then there is this amazing guarantee. It is so amazing that I couldn't resist the temptation of copying that part of the picture and reproducing it here.

Translated into English - it would mean - we guarantee to treat you till you are alive!!!
Now, that's very reassuring, I must say. Its another matter that the patient might die of the treatment than of the ailment, but this superbly worded guarantee covers that risk too. Show me a better example of business acumen together with customer orientation.
Well, that's the problem with our dear Marathi Manoos. Subtlety was never his strong point.....

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Nitin Kirloskar said...

Pushkya... You look like 'Osho' in the photos & sketches !
You have a pony tail too ??

I think you are indeed become part of management consultant community. Your new look actually suits the 'media' people..

Anyway, I liked your blog - but you can make it more interactive, I feel

C u some time.... Bye Nitin