Friday, May 15, 2009

Amar Singh's latest self-delusion

During the past few weeks we have seen politicians making statements that have ranged from funny to downright stupid. Now as the country awaits the results of the mandate with less than 24 hours to go for the counting, Mr. Amar Singh has made the best statement of all. He was asked the ubiquitous question that every politician is being asked since the last four days - will you join the UPA/NDA/3rd front/4th front/your own front? And this is his answer -
"it is all open now. Congress will ask us only if we have the numbers (that's a rare bit of candour on part of Amar Singh, I must admit). We are political virgins."
Whoa - what was that? Political virgins?!
I know what he is saying (I hope so!) but he has got his metaphors all mixed up. I decided to look up the dictionary meaning of 'virgin' and I quote from the online dictionary.

1. a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
2. an unmarried girl or woman.
3. Ecclesiastical. an unmarried, religious woman, esp. a saint.
4. the Virgin, Mary, the mother of Christ.
5. Informal. any person who is uninitiated, uninformed, or the like: He's still a virgin as far as hard work is concerned.
6. a female animal that has never copulated.
7. an unfertilized insect.
8. (initial capital letter) Astronomy, Astrology. the constellation or sign of Virgo.
9. being a virgin: a virgin martyr.
10. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a virgin: virgin modesty.
11. pure; unsullied; undefiled: virgin snow.
12. first: the senator's virgin speech.
13. without admixture, alloy, or modification: virgin gold.
14. not previously exploited, cultivated, tapped, or used: virgin timberlands; virgin wool.
15. without experience of; not previously exposed to: a mind virgin to such sorrows.
16. Informal. being a mixed drink resembling a specific cocktail but made without any alcoholic ingredient: a virgin piña colada.
17. Zoology. not fertilized.
18. (of a metal) made directly from ore by smelting, rather than from scrap.
19. noting the oil obtained, as from olives, by the first pressing without the application of heat.

No matter which way we look, none of these meanings fit Amar Singh. Even if we consider the meaning which Amar Singh wants to convey - it is hard to believe him. Amar Singh can write the Political version of Kamasutra if he wants to. Vatsayana described only 64 ways in his Kamasutra - Amar Singh can describe 64,000 ways to do it in Indian Politics.
The Wikipedia page for Amar Singh begins like this - 'Amar Singh (27 January 1956 born in Aligarh) is widely regarded as one of India's most corrupt politicians.' I just hope that Amar Singh is soon relegated to being a political recluse rather than the virgin that he claims to be.

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Kadambari said...

Whoa! I didn't hear this! And I was glued to the TV all weekend. The channels and newspapers probably edited whatever he said. LOL! Ignorance is bliss! :D