Monday, March 23, 2009

Tata Nano launched - moment of pride

The much-awaited launch of 'people's car' by Tata is no nano feat. It is a mega achievement. Ratan Tata has set an example for many businessmen to follow, not just in India but the world over. The Tatas have sufferred two setbacks in the recent past. One thanks to an internal detractor, our complaint-specialist, whining-master Mamta Banerjee and the other by external forces by way of 26/11 attacks on the Taj. In spite of all this, it is indeed commendable that Ratan Tata has stood by his words - "a promise is a promise".

A lot of people still complain about the quality of Tata Motors cars, claiming that Tatas are after all 'truck builders'. I drive an Indica (and its my 2nd Indica) and am more than satisfied with it.
Only time will tell what fate awaits the Nano when it finally rolls out on the roads. Will Tatas manage to start deliveries on time? Will it add to the traffic snarls and parking woes manyfold? Whatever happens, Ratan Tata has written a new chapter in the corporate history of India. All this, at a time when the world is reeling under recession!
The Nano has been a dream project for Tatas and is sure to be the dream for millions of people in India. Why not? If a slumdog can become a millionaire, why should it stop my vegetable vendor from wanting a Nano?
Way to go, Tata!

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