Friday, March 20, 2009

Slumdog kids walk the ramp - can we stop this nonsense please?

Now the two little kids from Slumdog walked the ramp today. What's going on?
There is this highly irritating show going on NDTV just now and and an even more irritating lady (Leena Singh) gushing forth about how she put them up in a 5-star hotel, how she took them to the swimming pool, and other equally idiotic stuff. The amount of money being spent in this completely meaningless exercise could be spent on other worthwhile causes. Say, building toilets for the school in Dharavi, where these children hail from. I am also sure that if you ask the kids, they will agree to this. But who really cares for what they want? Come on Leena Singh, they are KIDS. You give them a chocolate, they will eat. But remember that you are making them do it so that YOU can be on TV. Not because you want the to enjoy chocolate.
I fear what's gong to happen to these kids when they grow a little bigger and stop being cash cows for armchair social activists.
There was this other lady (I missed getting her name, sorry lady) who went blue in her breath trying to assert that "its not about these two kids. Its about millions of kids like them. " I agree with you Ms. But unfortunately the world, read TV anchor, wasn't listening to you. She was more interested in getting unnecessary details about the ramp walk.

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