Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bad TV commercial

Some TV commercials bring a smile to your face. Others bring a question mark. Then there are yet others that bring a frown.
This one of a UPS is currently running on national channels. Anyone who knows what a UPS is already understands what it is supposed to deliver. It is not some big secret feature. Now there could have been a thousand ideas to show something that charges fast and provides non-stop power. Of all these possible ideas, these fellows could only think of - THIS ? Watch it for yourself.

I think it is crude and in rank bad taste. Awful. I am not even getting into the area of PG-rated stuff and all that. In any case, I am glad that I don't have little children who might ask me, "Dad, what did that advertisement mean?" (My friend's daughter once told her to buy 'that nice kind of blotting paper which they show on TV')
PG issues apart, I am quite aghast that this stupid advt could get clearance for screening. Do tell me if you agree with my views. Is there some way that such stuff can be forced to be taken off air?
It is also possible that I might just be getting too old for the current times and you are free to tell me that too.

I have distorted parts of the advt on purpose. Why should this brand get further mileage? If I post it as it is, I will simply be giving more publicity to what I find objectionable.


Lazy Pineapple said...

what a dumb ad...and really has no connection with UPS ugh..

Prateek said...

Idiotic commercial

Kirtish Bhatt, Cartoonist said...

what a stupid idea.
what a stupid ad.

Sumita Kale said...

Dont like this ad....but there are so many like this...seen the Bourbon one?

g2 said...

The legal definition of pornography is "something which brings sexual thoughts but has no artistic value"... so technically, this is porn :P

Tys on Ice said...

what the fuck was that?!

that IS a totally idiotic ad...i guess that cud be its usp...higher product recall due to high stupid quotient..

Pushkaraj said...

@ Everyone who has commented - Thanks!
@ Sumita - Yes, Bourbon one is also soft porn!