Friday, May 7, 2010

The day after...

The crystal ball didn't lie, after all. With some variations here and there, many of the predictions in my earlier post turned out to be true. Unfortunately, I don't know whether to feel happy or sad about this. When one's prediction of a ridiculous and totally avoidable event turns out true, what does one do?
In all the mayhem on TV channels following Kasab's verdict, I would like to focus on that part which came as a surprise to me.
The big moment, as touted by all channels, the announcement of the verdict, was anchored on NDTV by Nidhi Razdan. Whether this was by design or some divine intervention, I was glad that the most sensible anchor on NDTV handled this part. All other channels without exception went berserk.
NDTV's late night show on 'Your verdict' anchored by Sonia Singh featured interviews of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's father, Shantanu Saikia (husband of Sabina Saikia, who was one of the victims of attack on Taj) amongst others. I was left dumbstruck to hear Shantanu's views. I am still to get over it completely. After the day-long tamasha on all channels, his fortitude and grace were touching and inspiring. I can only quote him ad verbatim.
"This is really a personal matter. Me and my sons have forgiven Kasab long back. That was the only way we could survive. I do not wish that my sons grow up to think like terrorists do. An eye for an eye will not bring Sabina back. Our country is in the throes of social and economic upheaval, and this is the time for us to sit back and think in quiet dignity. I am neither happy nor sad at the death sentence."
No words can encompass the gravity, the enormity of this sentiment. I can only bow to Shantanu and his family for the stance that they have taken.
Compare this interview with that which Rajdeep Sardesai took (of Hemant Karkare's brother). Two channels, two differnt anchors, same topic being discussed. See the difference for yourself.

Sonia Singh had asked - Shantanu, your feelings about this matter? (His answer is given above.)

Rajdeep - So is this the closure or that will only happen after the main perpetrators of this terrorist attack are punished?
Ans - Yes. Only then it will be closure.
Rajdeep - So you have not forgiven Kasab?
Ans - No, we have not.

Will someone please tell Rajdeep how to avoid leading questions in interviews? There is a difference between asking a genuine question and in making the person say what YOU want to hear.

As for me, I have decided to lock away the crystal ball where Indian News channels are concerned.


Vinay said...

Rajdeep Sardesai can only survive through his histrionics. He acts like the interviewer and the interviewee. I do not expect any sensible interviews from him.

Although I didn't watch the news channels yesterday, India TV and News 24 must have definitely gone overboard, with everybody from the God to the devil interviewed.

Even God cannot reform these channels into genuine news channels.

Vandana Mhaske said...
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Pushkaraj said...

@ Vinay - Thanks. As I have said in my post, I regard these two channels as entertainment and not as news.
@ Vandana Mhaske - Thanks for the compliments. I appreciate your suggestion. Adding a sound clip is not exactly impossible, but it creates other complications.
1. I use Picasa to directly insert a slide show into the blog. That does not have any provision for a sound clip.
2. So I will have to create a separate slide show with sound (using other software - Windows Movie Maker, for example) and then upload that file. Usually those files become very bulky to show up quickly on a blog.
3. Readers often don't like to get distracted by sound. I myself get annoyed if a blog starts playing music.
4. In my opinion, music in a blog makes sense when it appears as an independent post, not as a background score. E.g. many of my earlier posts have had sound clips. Some examples - * - No-frills music - about a Rajasthani folk singer (Jul 08)
* - Father and Son - about different styles of Kumarji and Mukul. (Aug 08)
* - Unforgettable song - Lakh Lakh chanderi (Apr 08)

Lazy Pineapple said...

Indian Tv channels is always like watching a 24 hour comedy program where the actors have stuck in a loop...

I liked the way Nidhi Razdan asked sensible questions...there are very few from her breed who are sane.

Good post...