Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gastronomic marathon

There are many things for which I consider myself extremely fortunate. There is an equally plausible statement about some other things that make me feel I was born at the wrong time and place but then - I am feeling far too optimistic in life currently to dwell upon that.
One of these things that make me smile from ear to ear (I don't do that literally actually. Some of my friends say that I hardly smile !!!) is the work that I do. Within that, there are some sub-topics. Foremost of course is the myriad people that I get to meet - they enrich my life continually. I travel a lot and that brings a collateral benefit. FOOD. Yes, I get to eat a startling variety of food. I am sure that it all puts my digestive system in a disarray trying to figure out the forever-varying inputs. Now why do I say this about the variety of food that I get to eat? I have a very good reason for this claim. Now, how many people get to eat the following - ALL within ten days?

In Lucknow -
Tunday Kabab
Murg Shanno Kabab
I forgot their name but they were melting-in-the-mouth-type-paneer-kababs.

In Kolkata
Kakra Chingri (for those who are un-initiated into Bangla cuisine, this is crab and prawn, with lots of mustard oil of course, cooked in a banana leaf)
Chingri Aloo Poshto
Hilish Maachh
A gigantic fish that goes by the name Betaki

In Kolkata - specifically at Flury's
Almond Pretzels
Almond and Honey Horseshoe
Cheese Croissant
Cheery Bun

In Chennai
Idlis at Murugan (TN Chetty Road, where else?)
Dosas at Saravana Bhavan
Filter Kaapi - South Style, of course

Statutory Warning - there is a dish called 'Seven Taste Uttapam' available in Sarvana. Its a fraud. Its just seven tiny little Uttapams with different toppings. And one of them, hold your breath, is actually Mixed Fruit Jam! Just in case you think I am joking, there is another one with ketchup too.

So - that's how I am fortunate, barring the odd mis-adventure of Uttapam Seven Taste. And the list does not stop there. I am going to be in Hyderabad on the day after. And its Ramazan time. Yummmmmm...


PAPPU said...

That was nice! I have never sunk my teeth into the tunday kabab or the Bengali delicacies. After reading this I feel the need to do so.
As far as saravana bhavan goes, it has lost its charm over the years. The portions have been decreasing over time and the prices are increasing. But I still vouch for their 'barotta kuruma', which is lacchha parantha with vegetable korma. If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do the next time you come to Chennai.

Shas said...

I envy you....lolzzz
Please update your other blog on tarot cards. Am waiting to read something new over there.

Pushkaraj said...

@ Pappu - I have some associations in my mind and according to those, South India and Paratha don't go together! I usually draw a line across India going from Jodhpur to Patna. I don't eat Paratha and/or Samosa South of the line and likewise, don't eat idli/dosa North of that line!
@ Susan - Thanks. As for food and culture, I totally agree. One of my foodie friend says that if you travel from North to South in India. only eating Daal on you way, then you could find a different recipe every 100 km.
@ Shas - Thanks for the kick (read motivation) that I need. Will update the other blog over the weekend, promise.

Pappu said...

Pushkarji, you are committing a big mistake!!
The Barotta kuruma is a SOUTH INDIAN dish. Maybe the origins are north Indian, but I bet you won't find the preparation in any North Indian restaurant.

Sandhya said...

No No No :P I did not get tempted :P
I swear I dint :D I looked at my oats, smelt it and gulp it went down to my tummy.