Monday, August 24, 2009

Mob sets fire to Vedic Village

Just heard this news about vandalism arising over a football match near Kolkata. The unruly mob entered the resort 'Vedic Village' and set fire to parts of it. One hears of such unpleasant acts every other day, but this one has saddened me most. Why should it bother me so much?
I have stayed in Vedic Village thrice in the recent past and have some very pleasant memories of the place. Its a beautiful little resort (also a very popular conference venue) and I have appreciated the excellent service and the cooperative staff there.

I think that when one stays at any place, it becomes a part of you and you leave a part of yourself there too. So as Vedic Village reels under the shock of this attack and attempts to come to terms with the burn marks, I actually feel the pain sitting miles away from Kolkata.
And that all this should happen simply because a group of people did not agree with the referee's decision in a football match! It's a shame.


itsakash4u said...

ya its a shame....
wht can be the biggest question.

PAPPU said...

This is just a resort. What about the trains that are being burnt in Bihar because of minor altercations?

Thing is, if it is not within the few square feet of our homes, it is not our own. If it is not our own, we have full right to vent our ire on it and damage it! Nothing can be done about it really.

Anonymous said...

I had been to Vedic Village too and was impressed by the ambience created, specially by their greenery and landscaping. The news of the vandalism & fire has deeply saddened me and reminded me of one such incident I had personally witnessed a few years ago. The incident of a night train's delay by an hour instigated the trouble mongers to completely vandalise the nice little Mysore station and destroy public property. The way they threw stones and destroyed the television sets & the flower pots showed how such people think vandalism is all so fun and in fact might have taken pride in narrating how they had destroyed the public property. "They" I suppose do not understand the meaning of "public property" and have not an iota of patriotism/love for the country expect for...when the Indian cricket team wins/loses. Wonder what must have been the upbringing of such people..throwing stones at dogs in the childhood..stealing fruits/stuff as teenagers..beating wives/kids as spouses..and maybe raping/murdering people if opportunity comes. The question is can "U & Me" do such things if situation we all have such pugnacious beasts inside us too ??

Pushkaraj said...

@ itsakash4u and @ Pappu - Yes, I too feel despondent and powerless. The best we can do is to vow that 'I will not take part in such vandalism...' Rather Gandhian way of approaching the problem and I fully understand that it does not address the basic issue. It only makes a feeble attempt at stopping the epidemic from spreading.

@ Anonymous - Thanks for the insightful comment, buddy. Yes, people don't realize that the public property is built out of the taxes that they pay themselves!
As for the beast inside us, I believe we all have them inside us. Some of us let the beast take over our senses, some others contain the beast.

PAPPU said...

By saying 'just a resort' I mean that a resort is not as significant in context of daily life as trains are. You are absolutely right Deborah, it does not matter if it is a resort or whatever. A mob will set fire to trains, buses, or whatever it is that they can lay their hands on. It is barbaric, but it is one of those issues where nothing can be done.