Monday, February 25, 2008

Jodha Akbar.... now even the kids !!

We were standing in the queue for tickets to a marathi movie. The earlier show ended and crowd was streaming out. Two kids, about 12 year old, walked past our queue and really made our day. One of them remarked, "see that long line for Jodha Akbar." Barely had he finished saying this, the other one quipped - "they must all be raving mad !"
So this movie as a period story for history buffs is inaccurate (and funny at times), as a love story for adults it is cure for insomnia, and as a bedtime story for children it is boring !
I promise to myself that I won't waste any more of my valuable time writing about this movie. There are better things in this world for me to explore ...

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Susan Deborah said...

I feel like commenting on this one: Why because its a lovely post dedicated' to different categories of people. One thing: Even though Jodha Akbar is a great laugh, it does cater to different categories. No more will I waste my time going on with this comment. Enough and more!